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Tiyenie Tikondane

 Welcome to the warm heart of Africa!

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Humission e.V., an association set up to support development work, is based on the conviction that young people can shape changes for each other step by step. After Julian Karl and Valentin Amian, former student speakers and initiators of the project „Schools against Racism“ at the Couven Gymnasium had spent some time in Malawi, Kenya and Peru, they aspired to create this association. Our dream is to set up and finance two projects in Benga, a small village in the central region of Malawi with the help of our friends, family, partners on site and a broad network of supporters. In the future we want to go on with other projects and sharpen our image as a development agency. First and foremost our funds will be used to help the people in Benga to gain self-efficacy and not to build up large-scale projects. This is why our projects, the Stove-oven building and the study fee program, are targeting the people individually and directly in their daily life. We want to help within the process of problem solving and give them a chance for their future development. The most important motto for us is: Tiyeni Tikondane - Let’s love one another.

    Our vision and idea 

    Learn more about...

    ...the country Malawi, the people and their culture., our idea and our development concept

    ...our partner on site and the surrounding. This video shows the problems there - but also the power     of unity and support

    ...our contribution in Benga. You can easily download our project-flyers. In order to work         transparently we have put some information about the amounts needed for the projects here.   

    Your contribution is needed

    There are a lot of ways to support us. As an officialy registered association we are always happy to welcome new members. In case you are interested to support our work by becoming a member, you can find all the information needed here

    Not interested in becoming a member but willing to support our work? No problem. You can easily donate for our work here.  

    We want to work sustainable an with a long term focus. For this reason we are always looking for partners, like shoots or small companies who are willing to support our work regularly.  

     We say Thank you! Or as the Chewas (biggest tribe in Malawi) say: Zikomo