Humission e.V.

Tiyenie Tikondane

What drives us - the concept

During the years developement aid has been criticised a lot. In our opinion this is essential and correct in term s of content although it is not supposed to result in the end of developement aid. We strive for a change in the mentality of people which should aim towards setting a new impuls in the direction of development. These are shown to the right. It does not matter whether it says developement cooperation, aid or work, what matters is to make dreams come true. This sounds pathetic, but tries to describe the main issue of the last decades. Many times European projects were copied and introduced in Africa, non with success. This relates back to Africa being so different than any other continent. Assistance loans become an addiction for the globalised south and cause political authorities to forget about their own ability to develope its own society and construct a working infrastructure. Therefore, the only help needed is the one which moves the focus back to how the people can overcome obstacles by themselves. It is not possible to build up a second Europe or North America. That should be the lesson learned from colonial times. This is why Humission puts the people in Benga region first.

Africa needs support.Support that makes dreams and goals come true.Support that enables people from Africa to support people in Africa.

Support is to be given in the sectors of education, health and income. Individual, responsible and conversational matters are the key to success.

This can be seen in the second graph. First of all, our work is split in three levels. The human being is the essential center. Above that you will find the project level which lays the foundation of our goal, developement. T he cornered boxes illustrate our work - focused on education, income and health. Based on financial input these projects are to be executed individually, responsible and in conversational matters, which mirrors our personal values. The circles mark start and finish line because our initiatives start with the people of Benga region and shall lead up to them helping others. Humission introduced a study fee program enabling young people from the region to realise their own sovreign dream. Our responsibility is not only a big money rush ones at a time but a constant flow of support over time. Furthermore we have  to keep in contact with the people and listen to their demands and needs. Otherwise it will be impossible to shape the future based on their ideas and aspirations.

Our second project focuses on the health developement of the people. According to a report by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung from 2017, more people in Malawi die because of the consequences from accidents and  smoke suffered while cooking above an open fire source than of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria together. The stove ovens tackle this obstacle and enable the people to live a safer life. More projects to generate income shall be initiated and developed next year.