Humission e.V.

Tiyenie Tikondane


It is impossible to realise the projects, if we can't get your support - no matter how! Become a member, donate or contact us to introduce a sponsorship with your school, company etc. Every Penny counts and helps us to build a brighter future. The management is completly based on voluntary work to make sure that no money is left behind by trying to even up cost balances. It is our personal duty to use the ressources that you provide us with in the best possible way. 


In general it is enough for donations up to 200€ to hand in a receipt from your bank to claim the donation for tax purposes. Therefore we only hand out automatical donation receipts higher than this amount. If you wish to receive one eitherway, feel free to contact us at any time and we willmake sure that one is send to you.


IBAN: DE45 390 601 800 826 450 010


Full members pay 24€ per year, students or apprentencis pay 12€ per year.

The annual contribution is due in January of the present year.

If you are interested, here is our constitution.

Contact form

If you contact us via the formular, we are going to save the details from the formular as well as your contact details in order to reply and further work on your request. These information will not be passed to others without your permission.