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Tiyenie Tikondane

Stove-oven building

Worldwide, around 3. Billion people still do their cooking over open fire sources. According to the WHO 4,3 million die yearly from the consequences they suffer from inhaling the smoke. In Malawi itself there are more deaths because of the cooking issue upon the so called "three-stone-oven" than caused by Malaria, Tubercolosis and HIV/Aids together, according to an article of the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ). Furthermore this type of cooking consumes a huge amount of coal and firewood, both very important ressources. To meet the growing demand of the population, whole forest pieces are cut down and because of a lacking reforestation, experts forsee a massive enviromental crisis. Amongst other things, regression in biodiversity is likely to happen which would result in an impairment of transpiration, cloud forming and precipitation. These effects would extend droughts and massively reduce the oxygen production. To face these problems it is our duty to introduce the woodfire saving stove-ovens that were developed by the German engineer Florian Knaus. The oven reduces the amount of firewood needed by 60% while at the same time conduct the harmful smoke outside. To conclude every house hold who receives an oven are going to receive mango sepplings to counteract deforestation. 


Cost overview:


Oven building




One oven consumes ca. 200 unfired and depending on the height of the house ca. 150 burned bricks. In addition to that around 100 kg of building sand, clay and a quarter sack of cement is needed. Furthermore material costs for tools like a level, trowel, tape measure add up to the price.

35 € per oven