Humission e.V.

Tiyenie Tikondane

Study fee program

The enrollment rate in Malawi is 1,5%. Most graduates of public High Schools are not able to finance University studies although they have (very) good grates. But they are needed. Daily basis requires teachers in Malawi to teach up to 100 pupils in one class. Thus for improvement in education and support Malawi needs more teachers. Moreover the country lacks experienced doctors in the countryside who are able to treat patients on a basis of good training. Our project aims to finance University studies for young people from Benga region. Thereby Humission tries not only  to fullfill a big dream for the young generation but also offers the possibility to earn enough money later, so the graduates can feed their families. This results in a multiplying factor for the region as well as the community. Because of a higher and solid income they are able to stabilise the wealth of the community. Our goal is to shape a community of well educated and reflected people who then cooperate with us to form regional programs. These programs will invest further into society and economy until one day our support is not needed any longer.

Cost overview:


Study fee program


Course of studies

Average cost

At the moment the project focuses on 18 students from Benga region.

Following subjects are being covered by our students: Teaching, Medicine, Agriculture, Science, Nutrition science and Nursing (close to an apprecentship of a nurse).

The total average for students that are supported by us during the year adds up to:

ca. 400 € per year and student.