Humission e.V.

Tiyenie Tikondane


According to an IMF data survey from 2017 Malawi is the second poorest country in the world. Only the people living in the South Sudan live by less income than Malawian people. Although poverty is highly present and young people have nearly no chance for a brighter future, Malawi is a save and friendly country. There are only few natural resources und climate change challenges the people with unstable rainy seasons. Malawi's greatest capital are its open-minded, welcoming and friendly people. 

Malawi is a land locked developing country which makes trade by ships impossible. Challenged by a high rate of HIV/Aids, the country is slowly recovering - thanks to better treatment and medication the life expectancy is increasing again. Never the less  other  diseases, caused by the living standards in Malawi are still present: for example cooking with open fire constructions. 

Unfortunately job opportunities are rare. The electronic system is not stable, therefore industrialization nearly impossible. Primary education has improved in the last years. Nowadays nearly 80% of Malawi's children can go to school. Even though there are still not enough teachers and proper materials are hard to find, this circumstance lays the foundation for development.