About us

Humission e.V.

Humission was founded in 2017. As a young NGO, we try to form a link between development work and innovative approaches towards it. The very centre of our interest is hereby the human being. Therefore, our projects in Malawi aim towards the pillars of development: income, health and education. Our goal is to strengthen the people locally at the very heart of lacking communities, in order to be no longer needed one day. Get to know our executive board and the organization itself.


Humission Ltd

Humission e.V. is registered as a limited by guarantee (a kind of non-profit company) locally in Malawi. This allows us to open bank accounts and to sign proper employment contracts with our local workers with social security. Furthermore, this is also the basis for our new Agriculture Project. The local director in Malawi is Pascally Tambala. Pascally is the first student who was supported by the Student Financing Project and is now helping to build up the local organization. Thus, after three years, the ‘Student Financing’ project is now bearing its first fruits.

gGmbH Tikondane Kaffee

Tikondane Coffee by Humission extends this effective form of development cooperation with conscientious coffee value creation. The product serves as a tool on the path to existential independence for Malawi’s rural population, 90% of which is engaged in agriculture.


1. Chairman

Valentin Amian is first chairman of the association. He holds a Bachelor degree in international economics and developement and is currently  studying economics in his masters degree in Bayreuth. He was able to establish our projects in several trips to Malawi. Together with Julian he founded Humission in 2017.


  • Projectimplementation in Malawi
  • Cooperation of our network in Malawi
  • Planning of a microfinance project

2. Chairman

Julian Karl occupies the role of the 2nd chairman. He studies molecular and applied Biotechnology at RWTH Aachen University, from where he also holds his Bachelor degree in the same subject. Julian has done two trips to Malawi in order to give rise to the projects. He is one of the founders of the organization and initiated the agriculture project.


  • Fundraising
  • Partner networking Germany
  • PR work


Bärbel Amian is the bursar of Humission. She is working as a manager’s assistant in an architecture´s office. In 2018 she participated in a trip to Malawi. She is the person in charge of financial regards.


  • Accounting
  • Donations’ administration

Project Developer

Since 2019, Jonas Berger is an active member of Humission. In his Master, he is studying molecular and applied biotechnology at the RWTH Aachen. From the same University, he achieved his Bachelor degree in molecular and applied biotechnology in 2020. In the team he fills in the position of a project developer and currently works on the Agriculture project.


  • Implementation and development of projects

Humission limited

Pascally Tambala is the director of Humission limited, our legal agency of Humission e.V. in Malawi. He holds a degree in Public Health and is currently pursuing a diploma in the same field. He is not only a close friend of the board, translator and negotiator but will be responsible for project monitoring and evaluation of our projects whenever we are outside of Malawi. His dream is to become a permanent employee with Humission in the future.


Social media

Since 2019, Greta Kleinert is an active member of Humission. In her Master, she is studying molecular and applied biotechnology at the RWTH Aachen. From the same University, she achieved her Bachelor degree in molecular and applied biotechnology in 2020. Greta manages our social media platforms and is responsible for the developement of content concepts.


  • Social media

Man of the 1. hour

Steven Kamphonje is a supporter of Humission since it was founded in 2017. Before he was able to finish his training to become a primary school teacher, a job he fills with as much passion as possible, he built the first stove-ovens in Benga with us. Despite his permanent job in the school, he is still our first contact concerning implementation issues in Benga and a close friend to the board.



Niklas Lutterbach is an active member of the association since the beginning of 2020. He is studying biology at Master level at RWTH Aachen and occupies the position of a project manager at Humission. He holds a Bachlor degree in biology from the same university. Through innovative ideas and commitment, he puts ideas into practice; currently the Agriculture project.


  • Implementation and development of projects
  • Marketing

Conception of posts

Julian Luka joined the team in the beginning of 2021. He studies molecular and applied biotechnology in master at RWTH Aachen and is responsible for public appearance of Humission. For this, he creates content for both our webiste and social media platforms.


  • Conception and creation of posts

1. Stove constructer

Enok Jepter is our current lead-stove constructer. He is responsible for the acquisition of new beneficiaries, procurement of materials and transport as well as instructing new stove-owners. Since the beginning of his engagements for Humission he became a very important consultant, multiplier and friend in Benga.


Niels Management Kaffee Tikondane

Coffee Project

Niels has been an active member of the association since 2021. He studies biotechnology in Aachen and is part of the coffee project Kaffee Tikondane. There he takes a leading role and takes care of the sustainable supply chain, from the coffee growers in Malawi to the enjoyers in Germany.


  • Management Coffee Project