Dear all,
In April 2022, 5 active members were on site in Benga to further expand the project work. In the case of furnace (oven) construction, this included initiating a lung function study which, in combination with a questionnaire, should provide information about the effect of the furnace (oven) we built. It evaluates the extent to which use improves lung health and socioeconomic factors. Furthermore, we have reactivated and prepared our team of oven builders, since this year about 450 ovens are to be built again. The start is scheduled for early July.
However, our main focus is the final planning of the large-scale agricultural project, which starts in cooperation with Rotary 2023. Here, a program for sustainable agriculture developed by the partners on site and with us is to be implemented with the assistance of self-produced organic fertilizer, multi-field management strategy, etc. For this purpose, preliminary studies with local plants were analyzed on our specially purchased training field, which we had built up during the last visit.
The financing of the trainings, components, etc. takes place via micro-loans, so that no outflow of donations is created but a sustained and above all growing financing of the project with a large amount of donations is ensured.

Finally, we were able to secure the new supply of raw coffee for our own coffee Tikondane. We are also continuously expanding this brand at the moment, as we see the Tikondane brand as a reliable vehicle for securing the ongoing costs of the projects by established employees in the future.