Our work on a Global Grant in cooperation with the Rotary Clubs of Aachen and Lilongwe is currently entering the decisive phase. This week an article was published in the Aachener Zeitung.
The planned application aims to make our pyrolysis barrels available to the local population Our Projects. The produced biochar can be used by the community itself, sold or processed to biofertilizer. The biofertilizer then forms the transition to the second part of the project which focuses on the dissemination of sustainable agriculture. In this way, the grant offers the opportunity for self-determined income generation for the population and at the same time protects the severely threatened tree populations.The pyrolysis barrels are to be issued in the course of the project in cooperation with a microfinance institute. In this way, the people develop ownership of the garbage cans and refinance the issue of further garbage cans in the future. In this way we hope for a sustainable future of the project.
Available money is generously supported by the Rotary District and the Rotary International Foundation. So every donation to the account below will benefit the project with 2.8 times the amount of money. We thank you for every contribution to this project.

“Change through responsibility.”

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