Overall, the situation in Malawi has eased somewhat since the end of last year. Fuel prices have returned to normal and every petrol station has enough reserves. It was also possible to import a total of about 200,000 tonnes of chemical fertiliser, but this will not be enough to ensure food security for the entire population of almost 20 million people. On the positive side, at least the weather is cooperating and thanks to good rains, people can hope to harvest part of their annual food needs. However, due to heavy rains, the situation on the roads is worsening day by day with more and bigger potholes.
In order to be able to be mobile safely and without damage even under these road conditions, we decided to buy a used four-wheel drive pick-up truck with a high wheelbase.
As we also want to react to the tense fertiliser situation, we have developed a first concept for the fermentation of human urine, which can serve as a fertiliser substitute. For this purpose, a separation toilet is to be built on our property soon and the fermentation process is to start. A contact person with a lot of experience in this field from Lilongwe has already been to our property and looked at the conditions on site. Furthermore, we have already applied for further project-related funding to expand this project. Furthermore, the application for our Global Grant for Biochar and Terra Preta production is ready, we are still waiting for final signatures. At the same time, we have started to identify participants in the project through the local administrative levels and to get the chiefs on board.