How to Donate?

We are happy about every donation and offer different options to support us and our projects. If you want to proceed with PayPal, choose the option you want your donation to be used for. You are securely forwarded to PayPal. Alternatively, you can support us via bank transfer.

Global Grant Projekt

Our new project ‘Global Grant’ is significantly accompanied and supervised by our partner, the Rotary Club Aachen. Please transfer donations for this project by bank transfer to:

Rotary Club Aachen Hilfsfonds e.V.
IBAN: DE83 3905 0000 1070 3128 04
Verwendungszweck: “Global Grant Malawi”

Proceed with PayPal

Tree Seedlings

With 5€, families are able to plant local trees.       

Construction of an oven     

Already 35€ are enough to enable our workers to construct a stove.     

Salary of stove oven builder

55€ are already enough to pay the monthly salary of one stove builder. 

Agriculture project

Your donation of 80€ will enable us to spread the knowledge of sustainable farming techniques.

Study fee program

400 € will enable one student from Malawi to visit the university. 

Free amount

Support us with the amount of money you are willing to give us.

Donate via bank transfer

Account owner: Humission e.V.
Bank: Aachener Bank
IBAN: DE45 390 601 800 826 450 010


For donations up to 200 €, it is sufficient to use the bank receipt as donation receipt. If you donate a higher sum, we will send you a donation receipt by post. To make the procedure easier for us, please put the following in your subject line: USAGE_NAME_SURNAME_STREET_HOUSENUMBER_CITY_POSTCODE