Frequently Asked Questions

This page comprises frequently asked questions. The questions are grouped by project and provide a deeper insight into our projects. If any question remains open, feel free to contact us here.


How much of the donated money flows into our projects?

All of our active members work on a voluntary basis. Hence, 100% of the money flows into our projects.

Oven-Building Project

How many ovens have been built yet?

Until now, we have built 194 ovens. 150 of them were built in 2020.

How much does one oven cost?

In the beginning, 40€ was necessary to build an oven. These costs have now reduced to 35€.

Which effect have our clay ovens? How does it distinguish from conventional cooking using a fireplace?

Our clay ovens route toxic gases which are produced while cooking outwards through a chimney. By that, lung diseases can be prevented. Moreover, the design of our clay ovens protects from burns and saves firewood. At the moment, we’re working on evaluating our clay ovens to provide reliable data about health prevention and firewood savings.

How is this project financed?

This project is financed in cooperation with Rotary Club Aachen through a District Grand.

Who is building the ovens?

Our ovens are currently built from a team of six locals.

Agriculture Project

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Study Financing Project

How many students are financed?

Currently, we support ten students in cooperation with our partner MCSPA.

How much money gets a student?

We support each student with 400€ per year.