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Humission and its projects are not only a quick action performed by two young students. But rather, it is the outlook towards the future and changes, mankind will face in upcoming years. Globalization, climate change and a growing number of people living on this planet are only a few conditions that are likely to give rise to huge questions and problems. Those circumstances can neither be denied nor simflified. On the contrary, solutions have to be found and rethought every day. Together with the people. Together for the people.

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Our Projects

Our first project was clay stove construction. Since 2017, we have been able to build about 400 stoves. This is done by independent teams of semi-skilled stove builders.
In recent years, we have provided student funding for 10 students over a full 3-year study cycle.
The agricultural project was started in 2021. For this purpose, 1ha of land was purchased in Benga through Humission Ltd, a well was drilled, and the land was walled in to protect it from grub. The cultivation of the trial field is also carried out by an independent team on site. An integral part of the agricultural project is the planting of trees. This is intended to provide shade and soil moisture and to achieve several harvests per year.
The barrel project was also started in connection with the agricultural project and in cooperation with Recycoal. This will enable the production of fertilizer and charcoal using harvest waste.

About us

In 2017 the non-profit association ‘Humission’ was founded with 8 members. The intention of the association is “The slightly different idea of development cooperation”. Humission would like to use the People and materials on the ground to give the people in Benga (Malawi) a perspective for a better future. We would like to become ‘redundant’ as soon as possible.
In the last 5 years the number of members has increased to 55 and financially strong partners could be won to support our work.
The number of active members, who take care of the operative daily business in Germany, is about 10 members. All of them work on a voluntary basis. The work on the ground is done largely self-sufficiently by our stovebuilderteam and our agricultural team. For a better and legally clean organization of our work we have founded in Malawi the we have founded Humission Ltd and in Germany we are about to found the gGmbH Tikondane Coffee.

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Compared by Gross Domestic product per capita in purchasing power parity, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. In 2020, the IMF lists Malawi as 180 out of 185 countries in that category. While considerable successes have been made in the fight against HIV/Aids and most children today are enrolled in primary education, today climate change, lack of  electricity supply and corruption remain the major obstacles in the countries path to prosperity.


We are a non-profit organization. Hence, 100% of our expenses are aimed towards our work for the people in Malawi. In order to minimise our side costs, all our active members are volunteers. To achieve our vision and implement our projects successfully, we need your help. Every donation is welcome. Just click the donations button at the top of the website to support us helping others. If you want to emphasize your engagement, we happily welcome you as network partner, advisor or in-kind donor.